Friday, May 9, 2008


seven creatures that dwelled along the Alanfeld River were descended from a vast band, now all but extinct their language was guttural and cruel, and they were barbarous-looking, and they survived for a time in this state there would come travellers who would ride down the road and glimpse a slice of brown fur disappearing into the deep brush but tales were always made broader than truth and all discounted the story until one day a young pre-scientist, a collector and studier of local flora and fauna was stumbling around in the elderberry bushes by the river's edge, in a deep canyon almost inaccessible to humans, and shrouded in a constant haze by the mist from a steep falls at its head he climbed down looking for a species of beetle, and found evidence of hominids investigating further, he found dwellings buried in small sandy hillocks near the river's edge and they coshed him he woke up in a fury of pain and a haze of fear to the sight of seven large creatures standing around him, arguing over his fate he did not scream and this was well, because they would have killed him then and there he was adopted however and prized for his smooth white skin which they would stroke and admire daily as he grew accustomed to life in the canyon with the creatures although they were hairy and seemingly hideous, and their language was quite frightening, they were actually quite peaceful, and simply fascinated by almost everything around them later he mated with one of the females and their child became quite famous after the discovery of the canyon by a team of searchers paid for by the distraught parents of the young man they would emerge into the world and each find a place, as the last of their kind, although the children would go on to become starfarers.

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