Thursday, July 22, 2010


magenta barrel over beer falls
would a way to come and go with it
sap the trip to pay the day for it
i'm a tree dwell
surfle intuition bang sorts of thing
trill a lute for comedy a fish for dramedy
a fin for couth
sight sweller
wait bring it two way

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Chortly Kills.

back the down stairs at Tellers
in the sweeping basement a thousand years down here
crackling under a bare minim of time's blank verse
i trouble myself to find Cooney, flicking in the shadows
and i hunt.
'Cooooooneyyyy!' I call as i chase down alleys
we have always played our parts like this
he is the frightening figure i always beat
i catch and kill again and again
really i'm the frightening one aren't i
Cooney's just a symbol, a mask, an extension of me
i use him to stay sharp
to feel the blood pulse in the back of my tongue
as i lope down side streets looking for him
he wears an exasperated look when i catch him
because i need him
to stay sharp
and he once bit me bad
so he's the ghost
he's the antagonist
he's the me i overcome in this world
my world
play planet