Monday, May 19, 2008

My Blog Is Under Observation.

Interested Parties Want to Know --

Why Would Such Things Need To Be Said?
Are They Against The Law To Say?
We Should Observe His Blog, To Remain Aware
Of Any Possible Subtleties
Or Secret Messages To German Spies
Such Communigstic Claptrap Shuts Its Yap
In The Presence Of The Justice Boot
The Only Thing That Can Save Your Cowardly
Hide From The Brown Hordes.


Test blog said...

Jesus Freaking Horatio Christ, there's a real blog here! I actually came to try and find the real original Contingencies, believe it or not, so I could chat about Nietzsche with the jocular host of that venerable old forum. Happen to know where he re-located it.

Meanwhile, I'z got some readin' to do...

Test blog said...

Previous comment was missing a question mark, but here's the answer:

Figured you were just dying to know.